Top Sustainable Initiatives from Residential Communities Around the World

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August 2, 2022

The real estate industry is one of the most emissions-intensive businesses. From the construction of new properties to the maintenance and performance of existing ones, there are high levels of energy consumption and a strong dependence on fossil fuels. That’s why more developments include sustainable initiatives in the foundation of their communities. According to JLL,” 63% of leading investors strongly agree that green strategies can drive higher occupancy and overall higher value.” Energy efficiency has become the market standard in luxury developments, but few developments are going above and beyond in their ESG efforts.

From Tesla charging stations, Fabien Cousteau Conservation Centers, to solar-powered homes and dark sky communities, take a look at the top sustainable initiatives from residential communities around the world.

Tributary (Driggs, Idaho, USA)

Tributary is the 1,500-acre luxury residential community within which lies 500 acres of fen-designated wetlands, operated and managed by the Teton Regional Land Trust. The Woods Creek Fen is the most floristically unique wetland in Teton County. The fen is managed to protect the on-site wildlife and rare plans, and in addition to the existing wetlands, several ponds have been constructed on the property to provide habitat for nesting trumpeter swans, nesting and staging long-billed curlews, waterfowl and shorebirds.