Escape to the Mountains at Tributary

Newport Beach Living  |  
October 5, 2023

If you’re looking to expand your real estate portfolio past the typical Orange County bubble, cast your view toward the Teton Mountains in Driggs, Idaho, where you can find the exclusive residential community known as Tributary. My husband and I were invited to experience the unique amenities that only a homeowner in this private community has the privilege to enjoy. From an exhilarating round of golf to incredible dining, exceptional spa experiences, and an immediate feeling of “home,” every inch of Tributary is bursting with your next adventure or sweet escape, whatever suits your fancy.

Initially, we flew into Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and found ourselves in awe of the luscious landscape. The most majestic, snowcapped mountains with beautiful shades of bright and deep green trees jutted out from the road to welcome us as we drove our car. We even saw fields of bright yellow flowers and mini waterfalls trickling down the rocky hills alongside the road. Some soft clouds seemed to rest gently atop the winding road as we reached halfway to our destination. Coming from the OC, the scent of pine trees and nature engulfed our senses as we rolled down the windows – such a refreshing change of pace. 

When we arrived on the property, we were given the keys to open the towering glass door to our gorgeous estate. We were absolutely enamored with the details and design of the home the moment we stepped inside. We noticed the beautiful reclaimed wood accenting certain parts of the home and found out that it’s sourced locally, which added to its charm. Thanks to Tributary’s sales and marketing manager, Sara Beth, we had the honor of touring some of the most popular floor plans in the community, one of them being the Tributary Cabin model, starting at 3.5 million. We made our way to the Basecamp model, with a 3-car garage and toy barn, and expansive media room upstairs, truly the perfect home to entertain guests. 

Within Tributary’s expansive 1,500-acre territory, a notable portion of 500 acres is dedicated to an ecosystem called the Fen, which is a type of peatlands. This biodiverse hotspot holds immense significance because even though peatlands cover a mere 3 percent of the world’s land, they harbor a staggering one-third of the planet’s soil carbon. 

As stewards of this exceptional ecosystem, the Tributary community takes great pride in its preservation. Collaborating with the Teton Regional Land Trust, they have successfully secured permanent conservation for half of The Fen. Although 500 acres will never be developed, Tributary members are able to immerse themselves in the untamed allure and witness diverse wildlife that thrives within the Fen by walking along the raised boardwalk, two miles in expanse. 

The weekend was a little rainier than anticipated. So, instead of enjoying an e-bike ride in the afternoon, the twist of fate in the weather led us winding through the Teton Mountains with our guide, Kyle – Tributary’s Recreation Manager. It was such a delightful trip; we visited Grand Targhee Resort, where Tributary has a shuttle and private ski lodge that only members can use. Then as we went back down the mountain, we used binoculars to search for bears and other wildlife. I spotted an adorable little fox, moose, and deer.

When the weather cleared, my husband and I enjoyed private golf lessons with our coaches, Spencer and Noah. They did an excellent job guiding us, especially since we are such novice players. After getting some air at the driving range, we worked on our skills during a round of putt-putt golf and finally made our way to the actual course (voted Golfweek’s Second Best Private Course in Idaho for 2023) designed by the renowned David McLay Kidd. David is the mastermind behind the build of the first Bandon Dunes Resort golf course, a masterpiece in the world of golf course architecture located alongside the Pacific Ocean in Oregon. After I hit my golf ball into a nearby pond (I told you, I’m an amateur), we retired to the virtual golf simulation room, where we were able to grab a diet Coke, relax, practice our swing, and measure our skills at leisure. Fun fact: Our golf coaches told us that Tributary recently started noticing very distinct moose tracks covering the driving range and any golf clubs that were left out had a very sticky residue in the morning. Come to find out, moose from the Fen enjoy the salt from golfers’ hands and love licking golf clubs that are left out, then meandering on the driving range, leaving their moose tracks. Although it’s an endearing and innocent habit of the moose, Tributary now locks up all their golf clubs at night to keep the grass and golf clubs in pristine condition, but the story is still a funny one to tell. 

Food at Tributary:

Situated in the beautiful Teton Valley, we enjoyed lush views of nature dining at the Drake Restaurant. We enjoyed exquisite dishes showcasing the region’s farm-to-fork cuisine, featuring seasonally curated menus. We started with the seafood chowder, a unique dish I wish I could have taken home with me by the gallon. For dinner, I ordered the Jackfruit Dan Dan Noodle. It was bursting with flavor – from the bok choy, shiitake mushroom, peanuts, green onions, and ginger accents. My husband ordered the perfectly seasoned 16 oz bone-in bison ribeye with herb-roasted Yukon potatoes and asparagus, which I was privy to accept the bites he offered me. We had the pleasure of meeting the Executive Chef, Kevin Humphreys, and all the restaurant staff, who were so welcoming and warm – just like our incredible, unforgettable meal. My husband especially enjoyed a custom-curated drink by the bartender Brian, known as the Conch Republic, made with key lime, rum, and egg white. 

More Dining near Tributary:

Teton Thai – Try the green curry (so deliciously spicy!) or the Cashew Nut Stir-Fry with crispy duck.

Figgie’s Deli – Try the Oceanman Sandwich and the Buckingham Green heated up, and add Dijon mustard. 

If you’re looking for a sense of adventure, I almost forgot to divulge that you can enjoy archery or axe throwing at the Tributary “barn.” But if you just want to listen to the sounds of nature in your secluded, quiet mountain retreat, you can do that too. I hope you’ll expedite a personal visit to Tributary to witness all of the beauty of the area to see if you want to call it home. You can arrange an in-person tour by calling (307) 690-1508 today.